Win 8 Activator for Permanent Activation [Latest]

Win 8 Activator

Win 8 Activator for Permanent Activation of Windows 8 is the Most Reliable Tool:

Win 8 Activator is not a simple change of title of any older activation tool. This tool has been specifically developed for the activation of Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1. The activation of all editions of Windows 7 is a plus point.

Win 8 Activator

Some developers use older strategies to activate Windows operating system. You must remember that Microsoft has changed its Windows Activation Technology. Microsoft is now using three different activation technologies for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It has become impossible for older versions of activation tools to bypass the activation technologies used for Windows 8. This is the reason why people are getting disappointed when they try to activate Windows 8 by using unreliable activation tools.

Windows Activation Technology:

Microsoft used WAT in order to verify the legitimacy of the license key provide at the time of registration of Windows operating system. This technology was unchanged until the release of Windows 8.  This is the reason why most of the tools are capable of activating Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. But Microsoft has changed the registration method with the release of Windows 8. It is now using three different advanced activation mechanisms. Developers of Win 8 Activator have programmed this tool in such a way that it can easily deal with all three activation technologies without any problem. Yes, there may be a significant difference of time taken for activation. It depends upon the specific technology being used by Microsoft for a particular copy of Windows 8.

Win 8 Activator image 1

There is no need to waste time and effort by testing various activation tools. Win 8 Activator is a legitimate and tested activation tool. It is independent of system hardware. It means that it does not make any changes in hardware drivers. There is no danger of hidden activities in the system as well.

Win 8 Activator Installation Procedure:

  • Turn off Windows firewall security
  • Disable Antivirus if installed on the system
  • Remove other activation tools before installing Win 8 Activator
  • Download the setup from the internet
  • Run the setup to install the software on the system
  • Select the Windows Version you want to activate
  • The activation process will take some time which depends upon the activation strategy used by Microsoft. It does not take a lot of time so there is no need to worry about this factor.

Win 8 Activator for lifetime Activation of Windows 8 All Editions:

Download Activator


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  1. replaced hdd in my neighbours win 8 laptop. but the original disk was umreadable- could not access recovery partition. So am looking for how to activate it as key not written on laptop, and read the above. But can’t download the Win8 file- it says removed by administrator? what do you suggest?

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