KMSpico 11 Lifetime Activator for Windows

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Features of KMSpico 11 Activator for Windows & Office Activation

Microsoft keeps on changing its products activation strategies. For a long time, Microsoft had been using KMS (Key Management Services) to verify the license keys to activate any Microsoft product. But later, in the case of Microsoft Windows 8.1 and newer versions of Windows and Office, Microsoft has been using three different strategies. This is why, the older versions of KMSpico 11 Activator successfully activated Windows 8 and Windows 7. To activate the latest versions of Windows and Office, you must install KMSpico v11 for successful activation.

KMSpico 11 Lifetime Activator for Windows image

Microsoft product Activation Strategies

  1. DLL Injection for Windows 8.1

Microsoft uses this strategy for Windows 8.1. KMSpico 11 Activator successfully bypasses this activation strategy by using simple patch files. The program basically cheats the localhost protocol. KMSActivator 11  has shown excellent results by activating Microsoft products in a matter of seconds.

Windows 8.1 Pro Activator

  1. WinDivert

KMSpico Lifetime Windows Activator uses the packets in such a way that KMS Server fails to identify a particular IP address. It is basically a cheating method which redirects the activation packets. This process is slower as compared to the previous strategy. It involves the processing at Microsoft KMS Server as well as at the KSM Server on the personal computer. The activation is not 100% confirmed in this case. But there are sufficient chances of successful activation.

KMSpico 11 Lifetime Activator for Windows

  • Installation of TAP Driver

Installation of TAP Driver is another activation strategy. By installing TAP Driver, a virtual network is created. Windows Activation Server identifies a different IP address rather than the real IP address of the network. But this strategy also takes more time. This is not a preferable activation strategy as the chances of successful activation are not more than 65%.

Office 2016 KMS Activator

Why Install KMSpico 11?

There are reservations that v11 KMSpico activates Microsfot products for six months. And the program keeps running in the background and frequently activates Windows and office. By doing this, it changes the firewall settings as well. These issues are not a big deal. The program is completely safe from virus and Trojan threats. You can also use KMSpico v11 Portable version. This version allows the users to manually activate Windows and Office after 180 days. So the program will not change the firewall settings and it will stop running in the background.

Older Version:

Kmspico 10.1.9

KMSpico 11 Lifetime Activator for Windows and Office Free Download:

Kmspico v11 Setup


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